I’m planning to send out a series of emails over the course of ten days with prompts for sketching, planning, designing and sewing a mini quilt (this can be made from fabric, or if you don’t sew, from coloured paper). It will focus on using creativity as a means to unwind, relax and take a break from other things on our minds. I‘d like to create a small community for that time (in a facebook group), where we share our progress and thoughts about creating.

I have been mulling over how corona took all the creativity out of me for a bit, but that creating is how I deal with stress and how getting back into making things does me well. I‘ve also been thinking about community, and the fact that while isolated I have the urge to isolate even further, while knowing that doing things together (virtually) can be very good.

If you’re not a quilter, you’re still very welcome to join! I’ll be offering creative challenges you can do without a sewing machine, and if you want to make your final project with coloured paper instead of fabric, that would work very well too.

I’m looking forward to creating with you!

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