Hilversum tea towels

Hilversum tea towels

Have you ever noticed how once you learn something new, you start seeing it everywhere? This happened to me when I started drawing buildings in Hilversum. I noticed an architectural style that popped up everywhere I went: The way the windows were designed; the lines of brickwork; the shape of the roof.

I started sketching some of my favourite buildings, the iconic city hall designed by Dudok, the library, a little hidden house in the forest. And I also added everyone in my family to the design: A tiny 2 year old going to preschool, all of us on the bike cycling through town.

For the past three years, I’ve offered these for sale around the beginning of November and spend a few weeks cutting, sewing and delivering them by bike. I love cycling through the streets, being able to hand-deliver and hopefully put a smile on someone’s face.

If you’re interested in buying one or more of these tea towels, please get in touch! I often have a few in stock.


I'm a fabric designer fascinated with the intricacies of seamless repeats. I enjoy creating vector designs as well as working with linoprint and watercolour. I've lived in 5 countries and love to use special places and memories in my designs.

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