mitred corners tutorial

Every week spoonflower has a fabric design contest and I’ve entered a few of them. One of the design contests was to design a cocktail napkin.

 I’ve never heard of cocktain napkins and made the napkins bigger than the recommended size, but they are still quite tiny! Recently I received my first bunch of swatches in the mail (very exciting!). One of the swatches was for the cocktain napkin design. I’ve since changed the design a bit so that its usable as a fabric and not just for small napkins, but decided to sew one small cocktail napkin from my swatch and make a tutorial for mitred corners during the process. There are a lot of tutorials for mitred corners, but also a lot of different ways to make them and whenever I want to make them I’ve forgotten how exactly, so I hope these pictures can serve as a reminder next time around!




I'm a fabric designer fascinated with the intricacies of seamless repeats. I enjoy creating vector designs as well as working with linoprint and watercolour. I've lived in 5 countries and love to use special places and memories in my designs.

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  1. Perfect, bite-sized project to practice mitred corners! If I had a sewing machine I would do it right now.

  2. you can have my old singer if you want! 🙂

  3. you can have my old singer if you want! 🙂

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