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A few weeks ago I wrote about the macarons I tried from the french bakery around the corner. They were so good that I wanted to make some myself. I used this recipe, and like it promises, if you follow the recipe exactly it will work! (Although I have to add that I eye-balled 36 grams, as my scale isn’t digital, so it might have been 38 or 39 grams, but that should be encouraging rather than discouraging, if you want to try the recipe. Also, it only made half the amount of macarons, for some reason.)

I didn’t add any food-colouring, which I will do next time. It was a lot of work, but not too hard. Basically its very important to sieve and sieve until the almonds are very fine. I put them in the blender, sieved, blended, sieved, and in the end threw away about 2 tablespoons that I couldn’t get fine enough. Another helpful tip is to draw circles on the baking paper sheet to make it easier to make each macaron the same size.
For the filling I made a ganache and tried two flavours, using capuccino chocolate and white chocolate (1 part chocolate to 1 part cream, heat the cream, add the chocolate and stir until melted, let cool and then whip) :
I still have a few in the fridge, so if you want to try one, come for coffee!


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  1. very inspiring. And the pictures are fantastic. What about a visit to Toronto to spend a day making them with me?

  2. that would be lovely 🙂

  3. that would be lovely 🙂

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